[texhax] Nov 2015 TUG news: TUGboat, conferences

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Mon Nov 30 23:29:56 CET 2015

Hello TeX users,

The JabRef (free software for bibliographic management,
http://jabref.sf.net) developers are conducting a survey:
https://enquetes.inra.fr/index.php?sid=29749.  They welcome any
feedback, whether or not you are currently a JabRef user.
The survey is anonymous; questions can be directed to
Frederic.Darboux at orleans.inra.fr.

Regular TUGboat (http://tug.org/TUGboat) updates continue:
- 35:3 (regular issue) is now publicly available online.
- 36:3 (another regular issue) is at the printer and will be
  mailed soon.
- 37:1, the next issue, will be next spring.  Submission deadline is
  March 11, 2016, but articles are gratefully received at any
  time.  If you'd like to discuss potential items, or suggest ideas,
  please email us at tugboat at tug.org.

TUG'16 conference (http://tug.org/tug2016) information:
- will take place in Toronto, Canada, July 25-27, 2016.
- special excursions are planned both before and after.  We need your
  expressions of interest in which ones you might join:
- bursary (financial assistance) application deadline: April 8.
- proposal presentations are welcome any time; deadline May 1.
- hotel reservations can be made now: http://tinyurl.com/TUG2016.
Hope to see you there.

Finally, for those who have not already heard, we sadly report that
Peter Breitenlohner passed away last month.  He was one of the most
prominent and deeply knowledgeable TeX experts, and a wonderful person.
He will be missed.  An obituary, focusing on his physics accomplishments,
is at www.mpp.mpg.de/mpg/websitePhysik/pdf/nachrufe/Peter_Breitenlohner_EN.pdf.

Best wishes to all,
Karl Berry (on behalf of the TUG Board)

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