[texhax] why no marker in footnote?

Daniel Greenhoe dgreenhoe at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 13:29:02 CET 2015

When using the cmpart.cls style file at
footnote markers appear in the main text, but there is no footnote
marker in the footnotes. Just the footnote text appears.

How can I get footnote markers to appear in the footnote?

A minimal example "marker.tex" is attached to this email and also is
included below. To produce a pdf (also attached) I have used the
following method:
  latex marker.tex
  dvipdfmx marker.dvi

Here is the minimal example ...
\author{Author 1 N.S., Author 2 N.S.}
\title{Title of the article in English}
\shorttitle{Short title of the article}
\enabstract{Author 1 N.S., Author 2 N.S.}{Title of the article}{An
abstract in English.}{keyword one, keyword two}
\uaabstract{Author 1 N.S., Author 2 N.S. (in Ukrainian)}{Title of the
article (in Ukrainian)}{An abstract (in Ukrainian)}{keyword one,
keyword two}
\subjclass{?????, ?????}
\pyear{2014} % year
\volume{6}   % volume
\issue{1}    % issue
\pageno{10}  % number of the first page
\received{01.07.2013} % received date
\institute{Institution, City, Country (Author 1 N.S.)\\
Institution, City, Country (Author 2 N.S.)}
\email{mail1 at domain.ua (Author 1 N.S.), mail2 at domain.ua (Author 2 N.S.)}
  test\footnote{This is a footnote.}
  \footnotetext{This is footnote text.}

Many many thanks in advance,
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