[texhax] Problems with new LaTeX

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Mon Nov 9 18:10:45 CET 2015

David Drasin wrote:

> I use Applie's El Capitan system, but in the last couple of tries
> (and I have reinstalled) I cannot save the tex file by <command s>,
> as that option is greyed out.  I have to close the file, I get a
> prompt asking if I want to save the changes, and I click `yes', the
> file closes and the changes are saved.  But this is awkward when I
> am writing, since I have to do this each time there is an error in
> the compiling, and that happens to me a lot.

"Command-S" is not a TeX command; you must therefore be referring to the
editor which you use to edit TeX source files.  It would therefore help
others who might be able to assist if you were able to identify which
editor you are using.  They may then be able to refer you to a more
appropriate (i.e., more focussed) list.

Philip Taylor

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