[texhax] will to buy the lastest version of TeXLive, but without two technical problems -- xdvi, PostScript

Susan Dittmar Susan.Dittmar at gmx.de
Wed Mar 4 13:49:53 CET 2015

Uwe Lueck schrieb:
>>    xdvi.bin: Warning: Raw Postscript commands on page 2 may be rendered incorrectly.
> So the problem seem to be certain PostScript commands
> [RK] > Xdvi yields the same output as in the screen shots.  However, the
> [RK] > output of dvips is correct.  Thus I think that the DVI file is ok.
> I don't ...

Well, dvi (standing for "[printer/viewer] device independent") is NOT 
(originally) intended to handle any printer-driver-specific commands other than 
including a mechanism to pass them through unmolested to the device dependent 
driver. Postscript is such a printer-specific language. So problems for the dvi 
viewer around postscript parts are to be expected.

I did not have a look at the files, but I agree that if the output of dvips is 
correct, then that's a strong hint that the dvi file as such is fine. dvips per 
design knows how to handle dvi in the special case of postscript output, and 
knows how to handle the passed-through postscript commands.

In contrast, per (original) design, xdvi only is expected to know about dvi 
display and about X special commands. In itself it has no reason to handle 
postscript special commands, though I know it goes to some lengths trying to 
handle those aswell. So I would expect problems around any postscript 
constructions within the dvi when viewed with xdvi.

In fact, before switching to pdflatex for most of my work, my workflow was, 
precisely for this reason, to always call dvips immediately after latex, and 
then view the result with gv or any other postscript viewer.


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