[texhax] First reply: Forward (second email among two ones): will to buy the lastest version of TeXLive, but without two technical problems, remainder.

William F Hammond hmwlfsr at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 2 19:31:58 CET 2015

Yves Perret <yves.perret at megamail.org> writes:

> ...
> We notice that the «xdvi.log» file was not found beforehand and that
> after
> its creation, the latter is empty !.
> ...
>> It might be helpful to provide that completely, e.g.,
>>     xdvi ... | tee xdvi.log
>> where the dots represent the .dvi name, and copy the content of 
>> xdvi.log into the next posting.

So perhaps the error messages were sent to the 'standard error stream'.
If that is a case, then in a Bourne-style shell, the command

       xdvi ... 2>&1 | tee xdvi.log

should capture the messages.

                              -- Bill

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