[texhax] how do I run Tex Live 2015 on my Windows 8.1 computer?

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Tue Jul 28 15:27:52 CEST 2015

Thomas J. Buckholtz wrote:

> [T]here is no shortcut on my desktop.  There is no ‘tile’ on my start
> screen.

No, the TeX Live installer deliberately does not clutter your desktop
with unnecessary icons.

> (The start screen [details section] does tell me that I have a new 
> app – Word-to-Latex.  I downloaded that earlier today.  It also 
> automatically installed as a tab in ‘the ribbon’ in my version of 
> Word.  I used word to create LaTEX output.)
> But I do not see anything related to TeX Live on the start screen or 
> the details section of the start screen.

Windows 8.x is a complete mystery to me (which is why I avoid it like
the plague), but if you have a feature analogous to the Windows 7 (and
earlier) "Start" button, then you should find an entry thereunder for
TeX Live 2015.  Clicking on this (or possibly hovering on it, depending
on how Windows 8 handles such things) will reveal nested menu items
including (for TeX Live 2014; TeX Live 2015 is probably similar) :

o TeX Live command-line
o TeX Live documentation
o TeX Live Manager
o TeXdoc GUI
o TeXworks editor

> What do I need to do to use the program?  Please give adequate detail
> (without jargon) – just a process I can follow easily.

>From the above, click on TeX Live command-line (if you want to use TeX
as a command-line tool) or TeXworks editor (if you prefer a GUI
interface).  From the TeX Live command prompt, you would need to type :

o TeX (or PdfTeX, or XeTeX), followed by the name of the TeX file you
wish to compile.  From the TeXworks editor, you can use the normal
"File/open" sequence to locate the file to be compiled, then once you
have found the desired TeX source file, click on the "Compile" button.

> And, if possible, please let me know how to get an icon for the 
> program into the desktop’s task bar.

Pass, sorry.
Philip Taylor

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