[texhax] Changing the outcome for "frame" in titletoc

Lars Madsen daleif at math.au.dk
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Do you mind posting a full minimal example? Such that we have something we can copy and paste without having to add anything.

BTW: Nowadays most people get their LaTeX help at


It is usually very fast.

(BTW: TS is really adamant on the full minimal example thing, with it you are much much more likely to get help)

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Dear Tug

I realise the following code is quite wrong, but it almost creates what I want, which is: the section as if “hang”, but completely enclosed in one light-coloured box.

In the preamble,

                        {\filright\enspace SECTION \thesection\enspace}

Then, calling the section,

\fcolorbox{blue}{blue!5}{\section{The Arabic and Roman counting systems}}

What I need is to modify the standard
                        {\filright\enspace SECTION \thesection\enspace}
But I cannot find out how to do it.
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