[texhax] Unicode Replacement Character in Standard TeX

Douglas McKenna doug at mathemaesthetics.com
Fri Jan 16 05:44:39 CET 2015

Philip Taylor proffered -

> \font \cmr = cmr7
> $\blacklozenge \mkern -2,5mu \llap {\hbox {\textcolor {white} {\cmr ?}}}$

This is helpful and shows how to solve the problem similarly to the earlier solution, using the \llap (left overlap) macro.  But this doesn't quite work visually, because the lozenge is too narrow to hold a question mark.  Plus there was some overlap when two or more are adjacent.  So I tried it with an exclamation point, and after some fussing to get things kerned and centered, I though this looked pretty good:


Many thanks.  Both solutions are proving useful.

Doug McKenna

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