[texhax] On behalf of Nicholas Hall; Tex Live & WinEdt

Bob Tennent rdt at cs.queensu.ca
Sat May 17 17:38:51 CEST 2014

 >|My name is Andrew Tran and I am a support technician specialist
 >|with the Fisher College of Business IT Services department and
 >|I have been working with Professor Nicholas Hall on an issue we
 >|have been having regarding WinEdt and TexLive. Previously we
 >|were trying to reintegrate WinEdt with MikTex however MikTex???s
 >|installers did not seem to run smoothly and we unable to
 >|reinstall MikTex.

This is surprising. MiKTeX's installation script has been thoroughly
tested and you must have done something seriously wrong to have had

 >|We have contacted WinEdt???s support team for assistance with
 >|this issue and at their suggestion, have installed TexLive as an
 >|alternative. We are extremely pleased to report that TexLive has
 >|installed on Professor Halls computer successfully and is working
 >|properly on its own. However, we would like to further integrate
 >|TexLive into WinEdt as their team proposed and were wondering if
 >|you could direct us as to how we may go about this.

I presume Professor Hall insists on using WinEdt (because TeXLive
comes with a very comprehensive (and free) TeX-editing environment).
But we all know how resistant professors are to change :+)

 >|As a support technician, I have never encountered any program
 >|similar to that of WinEdt or TexLive and so I have had difficulty
 >|interpreting the instructions on your website so any assistance
 >|would be greatly appreciated. I have also contacted WinEdt???s
 >|support team as well just in case you do not have any specifics
 >|on their software.

I'd guess you're not going to get much help here. TeXLive on Windows
is already rare; using WinEdt with TeXLive on Windows even more so.

But what exactly is your problem? I've just installed WinEdt on
Windows and it seems to be able to auto-detect both MiKTeX and
TeXLive. I loaded a tex file and processed it successfully with
both pdflatex and xelatex without doing any configuration. Did you
remove all traces of the unsuccessful MiKTeX installation? Perhaps
your WinEdt needs to be re-installed, or at least encouraged to
re-configure itself to TeXLive.

Bob T.

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