[texhax] The undertilde package.

Bob Tennent rdt at cs.queensu.ca
Sat May 10 01:07:47 CEST 2014

 >|> I'm wrong. It is undertilde.tex. Why did you think it was an sty
 >|> file?
 >|Well ... I guess the short answer is I didn't.  I just wanted to use
 >|\utilde, found it was provided by the package "undertilde" and so put
 >|\usepackage{undertilde} in my preamble.  (Isn't that what one usually
 >|does in respect of packages?)
 >|But this produced the error "package undertilde not found" (or words to
 >|that effect).
 >|There *is* a .sty file in the undertilde package which I downloaded from
 >|CRAN and managed to install.  After I installed it, there was no longer
 >|any problem with \usepackage{undertilde}.
 >|So I am kind of bewildered as to what you are driving at.  Can you
 >|please elaborate?  What *should* I have done to get access to the
 >|\utilde command (without having to install "undertilde" by hand as it
 >|were.  And why wasn't undertilde.sty available from the get-go from my
 >|installation of Texlive 2013?

If you use


LaTeX expects to find xxx.sty. But undertilde in TeXLive is a
"generic" package, usable with Plain TeX, so it's been named
undertilde.tex and it's loaded by using


The undertilde.tex in TeXLive is likely from


The undertilde package available at


seems to be different.

Bob T.

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