[texhax] Varying indentation of lists while keeping wrap alignment

Dr A K Hannaby keith_hannaby at mathshelp.com
Tue Mar 4 14:41:05 CET 2014

I guess you've been forced to change from a 4 x 3 monitor to a 16 x 9 - an
awful experience which I have had too, but I'm sure you will get used to it.
I am very grateful for the update.
I remain puzzled why you can assign \itemindent\leftmarginiii within the
enumerate environment but not, say, \itemindent=8pt (which works, but messes
up the wrap).
Or why can one not use \setlength{itemindent}{8pt} just prior to the
enumerate call.
However, you've provided a two-setting solution which is fine.

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my workstation has been replaced, but the monitor, while physically larger,
has quite different proportions, and i've lost the equivalent of 2 inches
from the bottom of a normal lettersize page, and the individual windows
looks like billboards.  so i'm still "crippled".  but i've managed to put
together an example that i think does what you want.

it's attached.  if you have questions, please let me know.
						-- bb

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