[texhax] global options on the command-line

Bob Tennent rdt at cs.queensu.ca
Mon Feb 10 01:26:17 CET 2014

 >|Or (untested):
 >|pdflatex '\PassOptionsToClass{...}{article} \input{...}'

Thanks. Don't know why but this doesn't seem to work. The options
are recorded as global options but they're unused!

I think I'll just use multiple \PassOptionsToPackage commands in a

The right solution would be a \AddGlobalOptions{} command.

Bob T.

 >|> Bob Tennent wrote:
 >|> > How can I pass "global" options (normally inserted after
 >|> > \documentclass) on the command-line?  The input file itself
 >|> > has a \documentclass command.

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