[texhax] Re : Re : Re: Re : Merging Chapter Number and Title with tocloft

Alessandro Ceschini alescesc1986 at yahoo.it
Sun Feb 9 19:35:53 CET 2014

> Hi Alessandro, this is fine indeed to put a dot in
> the table of contents headings:
> if you*also*  want the dot  in the chapter headings from the
> document body, then it is more natural to modify the
> \renewcommand{\thechapter}:
> \renewcommand{\thechapter}{\Roman{chapter}.\ }
> (I actually wanted a tilde rather than \ put my webmail interface
> somehow swallows it)
> if you do that, then you don't need \mynumberline
> \addtocontents{toc}{\let\protect\numberline\relax}
> will do.
Hi Jean-François

No, I don't need the dot in chapter headings. So, I'll stick to my 
previous solution. Thanks anyway for your tip!

/Alessandro Ceschini/

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