[texhax] Feb 2014 TUG news: tug'14 and more

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Fri Feb 7 01:59:19 CET 2014

Dear TeX users,

Please send good weather! (This winter has been rather 
rough around here, but the days are finally getting a
bit longer, and if we can get rid of this series of 
snowstorms, I just might make it.) 

Of course, what I'm really looking forward to is summer.
This summer, plan to come to Portland Oregon for TUG 2014. 
The conference is July 28--30. Rooms are reserved for TUG 
conference participants at the Mark Spencer Hotel in 
downtown Portland. THIS IS NOT A LARGE HOTEL.
You can cancel any time up to 24 hours before arrival, so it is 
better to reserve now and cancel later if need be.  
The registration form, the call for papers, and
more information are on the conference website at

A LaTeX workshop will run concurrently with the first day of the
conference; there's a limit of 15 workshop participants due to the space
available.  So if you want to attend, please register early to reserve
your spot there.

Thank you to those individuals who responded to my call
for volunteers. We will getting back to you shortly with
some possible projects.

Work on the TeX Collection software for 2014 is already underway.
We anticipate the schedule to be similar to last year's.

Other news:

* For those of you who still have barren walls and don't 
  don't know what day it is, get your copy of Peter Wilson's
  calendar of Japanese woodblock prints (by Hokusai, 
  Hiroshige, Tamenbura, etc.), made of course with TeX. 

* Upcoming meetings
  DANTE e.V.'s 25th anniversary, Heidelberg, April 11-14, 2014.
  BachoTeX 2014, Bachotek, Poland, April 30-May 4, 2014.
  8th ConTeXt Meeting: Bassenge, Belgium, Sept. 8-13, 2014.

* Deadline for submissions for TUGboat 35:1 is March 10. 
  Contributions aimed at all levels of TeX user are welcomed,
  but we especially appreciate tutorials, introductions, and
  practical information aimed at non-experts.
Happy TeXing!

Steve Peter
TUG President
(on behalf of the TUG Board)

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