[texhax] proTeXt vs. MiKTeX

Herbert Schulz herbs at wideopenwest.com
Thu Dec 11 14:30:03 CET 2014

> On Dec 11, 2014, at 7:11 AM, Gerard E. Seibert <jerry at seibercom.net> wrote:
> I am not trying to start a war here, I would just like a few answers. What
> are the advantages of using "proText" over "MiKTeX", or vice versa.
> I have seen remarks like, "proTeXt is MiKTeX for Dummies"; however, that
> seems overly harsh and is most likely inaccurate..
> I have MiKTex installed on a Win-8.1 machine and am using TeXstudio as the
> front end. It works fine. I am just trying to determine if there is any
> reason that I should switch and if I do decide to try the "proTeXT"
> distribution, do I have to remove both MiKTeX and TeXstudio before I do the
> installation.
> I sincerely appreciate any assistance that anyone can supply me with.
> -- 
> Jerry


According to Wikipedia:

proTeXt is a freeware integrated development environment (IDE) for LaTeX running on Microsoft Windows, developed by Thomas Feuerstack. Its most recent version is 3.1.4

The website CTAN (Comprehensive TeX Archive Network).org cites the software's pdf installation file which integrates active links to install various components required for completing installation. Those currently include the MiKTeX foundation, TexmakerX (now renamed TeXstudio), TeXnicCenter, Ghostscript and GSview.

Good Luck,

Herb Schulz
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