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Wed Dec 10 12:50:47 CET 2014

We have to create desk slips for conducting an examination. The desk slip/
label will have the following information :

...... examination - 2014
Subject : xyz
Roll No. 0293993

The data of RollNo, Subject and Venue of examination (examination center)
are maintained in an excel sheet - nearly 40 examination centres and 80
subjects total candidates about 20 thousand.

I created desk slip with the use of csvtools and the code is given below :




\applyCSVfile{data.csv}{% here put the name of the file
\centering{\LARGE UGC NET - 2014}\\[2pt]
{\Large Subject : \insertSubject}\\[5pt]
{\Large Roll No. : \textbf{0\insertRollNo}}\\[12pt]
}} % This is for parbox
}% This is for CSV file


With the above my purpose is solved. But for this for every subject and
centre we have to create separate csv files.

Is there any better to get the lables printed - centre wise/ subject wise
from a single csv file without creating many csv files. It will be better
If we can print  8 x 3 lables on a4paper.

Happy (La)TeXing
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