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you should have a look at Xe(La)TeX and Lua(La)TeX. Both engines
work with utf8 encoding natively. Set your editors properties to
use utf8 and everything should work by default.

A \LaTeX{} egy TeX-en alapuló szövegformázó rendszer, amely
nagyon alkalmas olyan elektronikus dokumentumok, szakdolgozatok,
tudományos cikkek írására, amelyek sok képletet tartalmaznak. A
LaTeX alkotója Leslie Lamport.

On 14.08.2014 22:16, Dezso Nagy wrote:
> Hello,
> I started to use TeX and LaTeX in the late 80s.
> Now I would like to try LaTeX in hungarian.
> However it seems that I need some help to get started.
> I am looking for a very small sample program.
> At the moment I can prepare hungarian text with the usual encoding.
> My desire is however to use hungarian keyboard and
> making use of spell-checking and other features.
> E-mail is available, however I would prefer phone
> conversations, where problems can be resolved quickly.
> Obviously I easily can provide more INFO if needed.
> I would appreciate if one would be willing to help.
> Have a great day.
> Dr. Dezső Nagy
> Ottawa
> Canada
> Tel:  1 613 729  7809
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