[texhax] Importing images into TexShop doc

Keith Devlin kdevlin at stanford.edu
Sun Apr 27 13:56:06 CEST 2014


I am trying to convert an old Textures LaTeX document to run in TexShop, and it has a lot of images. The old commands all have the general form

\vspace{2.5in} \hspace{1.4in}
\special{picture eulercircles.PICT scaled 600}

What’s the easiest equivalent in TexShop, what packages do I need, where do I find them, and where do I install them? I tried a few approaches based on suggestions I found on the Web, including downloading the graphics package from CTAN, but could not even find a TeX Inputs folder to put it into, and simply replacing the old \special command by
got me nowhere.



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