[texhax] otftotfm again

Bob Tennent rdt at cs.queensu.ca
Thu Sep 19 08:05:20 CEST 2013

 >|I am still working with otftotfm.  I have two otf files from the P22
 >|Using the automatic option, the two fonts with texnansx encoding
 >|as well as kerning and ligatures are installed into my home directory.
 >|    the pfb and tfm files appear with two suffixes  --base and --lcdft
 >|    the map file shows both version with different pfb files.
 >|One of the fonts seems to be fine with approximately 230 printable
 >|present.  TeX runs fine on the other; but dvips finds an issue. First
 >|reports it
 >|cannot find the font and then it says there is a checksum mismatch as well
 >|as an
 >|invalid char 128.
 >|Here is the command I used to install these two fonts.
 >|  otftotfm -a -e texnansx P22Hoppr-Edw.otf -fkern -fliga P22Hopper-Edward
 >| (this seems to work!)
 >|  otftotfm -a -e texnansx P22Hoppr-Jos.otf -fkern -fliga
 >|  P22Hopper-Josephine
 >|This almost looks like the Jos otf file may be faulty.  But I just thought
 >|I would ask.

Use otfinfo and t1lint and/or fontforge to analyze the fonts. Use
the --verbose option with otftotfm.

Bob T.

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