[texhax] Convert pdf to png or other picture format

Eduardo M KALINOWSKI eduardo at kalinowski.com.br
Mon Oct 21 19:47:40 CEST 2013

On Seg, 21 Out 2013, Darío wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Somebody know if it's possible convert the pdf (compiled with command
> pdflatex name.tex) to any picture format like png/jpeg without lost
> definition.
> I tried with the linux command convert name.pdf name.jpg/png, but I
> lost much definition.

To JPEG: no, it's a lossy format.

To PNG: PNG has a lossless mode, but I don't know how to specify it  
using convert (or other tools), see the documentation. However, since  
it's a bitmap format and pdf is a vectorial format, you'll only get  
perfect results for one given resolution. You can't really scale a PNG  
and expect it to keep the same quality.


eduardo at kalinowski.com.br

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