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On Oct 12, 2013, at 5:42 PM, Aaron Corbet wrote:


It's Mr., or William

> I am writing to give you what I perceive as some much-needed constructive criticism. For reference, I provide below a copy of your recent response to my query for help. None of this was of any use to me, whatever.  Not one item.

My apologies, I was trying to be helpful, but some of this stuff is hard to communicate.

> The reason this was useless seems clear: You are mainly interested in tossing around as much CS jargon as possible, in order to demonstrate your expertise in this subject.

I'm not trying to use CS jargon --- as I noted in an earlier message, it's difficult to discuss things w/o a common vocabulary.

If you can suggest simpler wording or vocabulary, I'd be glad of it.

> If you are employed by TUG in any capacity, your primary interest is supposed to be in helping people.

I'm not employed by TUG, and I was trying to be helpful.

> This means actually listening to them, and telling them something useful. Your reply to "item 9" is most revealing in this respect: it is total gobbledygook.

I did listen, and I did try to provide useful information.

I didn't address item 9 in your original missive since there wasn't an item 9.

I'm glad to hear that you seem to've been able to work out your difficulties --- it would be nice if you'd show the same patience w/ the efforts of others to help you as you would w/ your own difficulties.


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