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I am one of your new members, and, as I am sure will not surprise you, I
have a few questions/problems actualizing your software.
*1)* I am not, nor can I be, connected to the Internet. I communicate with
you *via* one of our libraries. Therefore, I need to be assured, once
again, that I need no such connection to run this software for producing
professional papers. I don't care about *optional* sub-programs.
*2)* I am using *Windows XP* in my computer. I seem to recall your stating
somewhere that I MAY need some special Windows sub-program installed, in
order to get your stuff to work. How do I tell if I have this, and if I
don't where do I get it?
*3)* Your Protext layout seems a great improvement on the WinEdt stuff I
have been  using. But I need some kind of trouble-shooting guideline. I am
sure I will have to buy one or more of your technical manuals, as I
previously (20 years ago) found to be essential. Do I do this through this
website, or elsewhere?
*4)* In the interim, is there such an abbreviated trouble-shooting manual
in what I already have?
*5)* To begin at the beginning, do I need to specify, at the start of my
articles, any "use" of font packages, ANSI installation, etc? Or is there a
default setting for this?
*6)* I notice there does not seem to be any provision for stating
"affiliation" after my name. Do I include this in "name" after a linebreak?
Or what?
*7)* There are a bunch of little downward-pointing arrowheads beside
various line numbers. Do each of these mark some kind of error? Or are
these something more general?
*8)* Perhaps most important, you seem to have a function available to
provide a preview of (.pdf?) final text, for highlighted regions of the
.tex  compilation. I can't get this to work at all. Is there some extra

*-Aaron Corbet*
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