[texhax] Producing text and math in a 'spiral shape'

Iraj Kalantari I-Kalantari at wiu.edu
Thu Sep 13 17:47:02 CEST 2012

In an exchange between Minsu Kim and Ulrike Fischer 


the focus is on how to create *text* in the shape of a spiral.  (See source below.)  They use the digits of Pi for text in a successful example.

I tried to insert a mathematical formula bookended by $s (say $a^2 + b^2 =c^2$) but the source does not deliver and stops with an (odd) error message.

Is there a remedy?  Is there a way to get mathematical formulas in the shape of a spiral?




% A \DoPerCharacter macro adapted from Juergen Schlegelmilch
% (posted on comp.text.tex - January 1998)


\pst at dimh=0.7pt

\psscalebox{1 \pst at number{\pst at dimh}}{#1}
\advance\pst at dimh by 0.04pt}

{500}{-500}{1 2.7182818 x 200 div exp 1 add div}}% Spiral




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