[texhax] Changing font color of a saved box of text - is it possible?

Ivan Griffin ivan at skynet.ie
Tue Sep 4 12:20:05 CEST 2012

Hi TeX gurus,

I'd like to be able to save a box, and then change the color of the font 
in it when I come to use it.  Is this possible?

I suspect not (as the typesetting/macro expansion is already complete 
within the box), and saving multiple boxes and chosing the one with the 
color I want isn't practical in my particular application. I guess I'm 
asking if there is any sneaky tricks I can use to override the color in 
the saved box?

Here is a small working example that shows what I'm trying to do: Ideally, 
both lines of text should be the same color (red).






This is test 1. 



This is test 2.


What I see is that "This is test 1" is typeset in black, whereas "This is 
test 2" is typeset in red.

Best Regards,

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