[texhax] something about cite

Donald Arseneau asnd at triumf.ca
Sun Mar 4 06:06:53 CET 2012

lina <lina.lastname at gmail.com> writes:

> I wanna turn the superscript off in one example,
> like " for more detailed please see Ref. \cite{aaa} ", here the
> default is superscript.
> below is the head of the .tex file,
> \documentclass[%
>     a4paper,
>     journal=jacsat,
>     manuscript=article,
>     layout=traditional,
> %   layout=twocolumn,
>     hyperref,
>     ]{achemso}

Superscript citation is not default LaTeX. so check the documentation
of achemso.  Various packages provide different commands for this
use.  With cite.sty you would say Ref.~\citen{aaa}.

Donald Arseneau                          asnd at triumf.ca

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