[texhax] Request for help: How to load Arial fonts in plain TeX?

Martin Heller mr_heller at yahoo.dk
Fri Jun 15 19:02:50 CEST 2012

宋震 wrote, on 15-06-2012 06:11:
> Dear Sir/Madam,
> Is it possible to load Arial fonts in plain TeX?
> I use WinEdt as compiler and the TeX system is MikTeX 2.9. Whenever I
> try to use Arial bold fonts, for example, MikTeX will display the
> following messages:

The following works on my system (with arial.ttf in the corking directory):

First, generate Arial.tfm:

ttf2tfm arial.ttf -q -T T1-WGL4.enc Arial.tfm

Create a test doc:

% test-arial.tex
\pdfmapline{+Arial\space <arial.ttf\space <T1-WGL4.enc}
\font \arial = Arial

Testing Arial

Compile with:

pdftex test-arial.tex

The resulting pdf uses Arial:

pdffonts test-arial.pdf
name                                 type              emb sub uni object ID
------------------------------------ ----------------- --- --- --- ---------
PQLQVA+ArialMT                       TrueType          yes yes no       4  0

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