[texhax] Is there a biblatex listserv?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Feb 25 23:35:25 CET 2012

    Subject: [texhax] Is there a biblatex listserv?

Although it hasn't been used much, there is biblio at tug.org
(http://lists.tug.org/biblio) for any kind of TeX bibliography
discussion.  As I recall, when we set up the list a couple years ago, we
thought it would be fine for biblatex issues to be brought up there.  I
think Philipp was in on that discussion.

If there turns out to be tons of biblatex traffic, it would be easy to
set up biblatex at tug.org.  I infer from what I read in the biblatex
manual that Philipp intentionally chose not to set up a mailing list in 
his sourceforge project, or wherever.


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