[texhax] TeX fonts with PDFs

Firestone, Elaine R. (GSFC-616.0)[BIOSPHERICAL INSTRUMENTS INC] elaine.r.firestone at nasa.gov
Wed Feb 15 18:19:32 CET 2012

Hi all,

I'm trying to get some information, but the Web hasn't been very helpful, so I'm turning to you guys/gals. 

My co-worker gets PDF files for review from a colleague. The PDFs were created in TeX (from pdfTeX). My coworker wants to change words, etc. in the PDF but keeps getting the error message that he doesn't have the system fonts to do this. He's working in Acrobat Pro X, which allows all kinds of changes to a PDF, but without the fonts, it's a no-go. 

I've tried this on my machine, and I have pdfTeX, so I obviously have the fonts, but I get the same error message. I'm assuming that the TeX fonts are program files and not the type of true type or open type font files that Acrobat is looking for. (All of the documents in question were created with Computer Modern.)

So, I guess my questions to you are:

1. Is it possible to change text in a PDF created from TeX (NOT LaTeX) in Acrobat?

2. Do actual True Type or Open Type font files exist for Computer Modern that can be installed on both PCs and Macs that can be used for this purpose?



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