[texhax] The Listings package, with Perl

Gordon Haverland ghaverla at materialisations.com
Mon Feb 13 03:57:55 CET 2012

I am generating a document where I am encorporating source code 
listings of Perl (with POD) in the document.

The preamble doesn't like printpod=... or podcomment=... at all.  
Neither variable is defined, hence I can't set it, is what I 

In a section of POD in the code, as soon as a single quote comes 
up, output goes screwy.  Every space becomes that square "U" to 
explicitly show a space. Yes, changing doesn't to does not, and so 
on fixes the problems.

If a rewrite things to avoid single quotes, the biggest thing that 
jumps out is that Perl keywords are still bold in the POD.  Which 
is fine in some places, maybe not so much in others.

Platform is Debian/unstable, with most everything up to date (as 
far as Debian is concerned).


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