[texhax] Infinity symbol output too small

Barbara Beeton bnb at ams.org
Mon Dec 31 17:34:59 CET 2012

    In amsmath book, why does the \infty (infinity) symbol display so small in
    math mode in comparison to other maths characters , say, x, y or a greek
    letter such as \beta (Beta)?

the first question to ask is, what fonts
are being used?  in the computer modern
fonts, the size of \infty compares favorably
with that of x -- the height is the same,
and it's wider (about the width of m).  this
is the traditional size and shape.  (a good
reference as to the history of the symbol
and its use is "a history of mathematical
notations", by florian cajori, section 421.)

    Is there a way of scaling the \infty only?

again, this depends on what fonts are used.

    I would prefer it to be larger rather than bolded.

where can we see an example?
						-- bb

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