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Gordon Haverland articulated:

> I'm 52 and it was about 12 years ago that I discovered that I have 
> Autism.  Discovering I had Autism explained a lot of observances I 
> had acquired over the years, so far it hasn't produced a solution.  

First of all, allow me to say that I am sincerely sorry to hear that
you are having problems finding suitable employment. However, that is a
problem that has plagued many individuals now for several years. My
sister was a paraplegic and had trouble at first finding suitable
employment. It took a lot of work, both by her and her family to find
suitable employment for her.

In the United States, the only country whose laws I am familiar with,
there are laws against discrimination in the hiring of people with
disabilities. Yes, unfortunately, they are not always uniformly
enforced but they do make a difference. I am not familiar with your
locale; however, there might be similar statues that you can avail
yourself of.

I also noticed that you used the term "autism" in a very general
manner. Autism is a generic word. Without knowing the specific type of
autism that you have been diagnosed with, I really cannot help you in a
more specific manner.

Good luck.

Jerry ♔

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