[texhax] OTRant: Re: how to write a resume with latex

Gordon Haverland ghaverla at materialisations.com
Sun Dec 30 02:43:24 CET 2012

On December 29, 2012, fenghelong wrote:
> I am a Chinese college student ,and I want to write a resume
> with latex,

I have no problem with Chinese people, or any other nationality or 
race looking for work.

I do have a problem with resumes, and the conventional process (in 
the western world) of finding employees.

I'm 52 and it was about 12 years ago that I discovered that I have 
Autism.  Discovering I had Autism explained a lot of observances I 
had acquired over the years, so far it hasn't produced a solution.  
But knowing there is a reason for a problem is the closure that 
many people seek when confronted with the death of a loved one.

Knowing that I was Autistic, has led me to find problems with the 
existing hiring process.  Employers and government aren't 
interested in hearing about these problems.  Even if I try to 
phrase things in a generic context (no mention of Autism), I get 
no response.

People in society are always producing new ways to help employers 
find employees.  Some of these obviously discriminate against 
people with Autism.  When presented with evidence, they are not 

As near as I can tell, mankind is not interested in being a fair 

In terms of people applying for jobs (job applications or 
resumes), I think the best solution is that people provide a 
marked up document (such as something based on XML), and that if 
at some point someone on the hiring side wants something printed, 
it gets printed according to formatting rules for the 
organization.  All applications that get printed, use the same 
typesize, same font, same inter-glyph spacing, same kerning, and 
all the other minor details which go into typesetting a document.

But what do I know?  I'm just a M.Eng. from one of the world's 
best engineering schools, who after 26 years, is still looking for 
my first job where the job title is "Engineer".

I've never relied on status for anything, in writing the above 
paragraph I have used the fact that some people recognize status.

Sorry, this doesn't solve how to make a resume.

I wish you the best in pursuing your career.

Gordon Haverland, B.Sc., M.Eng., P.Eng.
Materials Science and Engineering
former Adjunct Professor of Pharmacy
former SLOWPOKE nuclear reactor operator/everything else
former expert in the use of GPS in farming
and many other things.

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