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Good morning Congratulations for your effort!!!My name is Doukissas Leonidas, 
i am  from Greece and i'm using Latex (with Winedt editor) the last month and i am excited!My only problem is that although I've written up to 50 page in Latex (with \documentclass{amsart}),when i try the same code with the same technique ((with \documentclass{book}) the compiler fails and doesn't recognize my keybord's greek symbols.As a result when i create the pdf displays #*#*#*0* in stead of greek symbols as well. For example 

{\bf Σχέδιο Εργασίας:}\newline
$Glivenko- \,Gantelli$
$$F_{n}(x)\rightarrow F(x),\,\,\,\forall x$$
και η \,$F$\,είναι συνεχής τότε \,$\Rightarrow$\,η σύγκλιση είναι ομοιόμορφη δηλαδή
$$\lim_{n\rightarrow \infty}\sup_{x\in \,\mathbb{R}\,}|F_{n}(x)-F(x)|=0$$

It works properly with {amsart}, and when i change to \documentclass{book} and i leave the rest as it is, it doesn't work.
As a second example i mention this strange fact.It displays normally "Chapter 1 (in greek)"but the greek word "ΤΙΤΛΟΣ" is displayed as 0Ξ0Ξ0Ξ0Ξ.
\chapter{ΤΙΤΛΟΣ }
Could you please give me an advice what should i do?
Yours sincerely
Doukissas L.
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