[texhax] How do I set options with mk4ht?

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Fri Dec 14 15:01:10 CET 2012

How do I set an option with mk4ht? 

I am trying to get inline footnotes when I am generating html from mk4ht.  

So I have a latex file:




I'm using mk4ht (version 2008-06-28-19:09) to convert it to html:

mk4ht  xhmlatex foo.tex

This generates two html files: foo.html and foo2.html 
foo.html has the main text, and foo2.html has the only footnote.  I would instead 

like to have one file foo.html with the footnotes inside.  

In the file html4.4ht there is:
   \Log:Note{for inline footnotes use
          command line option `fn-in'}
and things like:

What I can't figure out is how to set the fn-in option.  

One of my guesses was that I could do this from the command line:

mk4ht xhmlatex foo.tex "" "" "xhtml,fn-in"

However this just gives an warning:
--- warning --- Can't find/open file `xhtml,fn-in.lg'

Another guess was that maybe something like having a config.cfg file:


and the command:

mk4ht xhmlatex foo.tex config
This gives a warning:
l.3 --- TeX4ht warning --- \Configure{fn}? ---

and still produces the two html files.  

So I haven't figured out how to set options for mk4ht.  

Josh Cogliati

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