[texhax] Macros that define other macros

Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Mon Dec 3 01:24:21 CET 2012

Short answer : you cannot achieve what you are trying
to achieve without using \csname ... \endcsname.  This
is the nearest you will get without those :

\def \macromaker#1%
         \def \submacro #1{I am submacro#1}%
         \def \anothersubmacro #1{I am another submacro#1}%

\macromaker {test}
\submacro test
\anothersubmacro test

Fuller answer (maybe) when I am less busy.
Philip Taylor
Pablo Mayckon wrote:
> Dear mates,
> I would like to define macros that in their turns define other macros, in the
> spirit of the following erroneous TeX code:
> ---------------------
> \def\macromaker#1{%
>    \def\submacro#1{I am submacro #1}%
>    \def\anothersubmacro#1{I am another submacro #1}}
> \macromaker{test}
> \submacrotest
> \anothersubmacrotest
> ---------------------
> With the code above I expected to define macros "\submacrotest", which would
> print "I am submacro test", and "\anothersubmacrotest", printing "I am another
> submacro test", but apparently none gets even defined.
> Could someone please explain "what's going on" here? My background: I've been
> using LaTeX for years, I am a computer scientist and C/C++ programmer, and
> read parts of the TeXbook, but have not found the opportunity to master it to
> the level where I could do the TeX programming that I have always wanted to
> do.
> One last thing, so that I can understand it better: what if I wanted
> "\submacrotest" to have two parameters and to print them, say, "I am submacro
> test and received #1 and #2"?
> Thanks in advance, --Pablo.
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> http://lia.ufc.br/~pmsf/
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