[texhax] Thanks for responding to \include{Chapter1} does not work

Adolf Giger ajgiger at comcast.net
Thu Oct 27 19:02:43 CEST 2011

    I have successfully applied the recommendations I have received from you
in response to my questions about  \include and \includeonly. I like to
thank everybody for their valuable time and the patience with a newcomer to
LaTeX who started reading Grätzer's and Mitttelbach's books only very
recently. Unfortunately, I have absolutely nobody, either nearby or far
away, that I could directly ask for help. That was the reason I used the
internet to try and get help. Especially helpful in my specific case were
the comments from Messrs. Schulz, Frain and Lueck.
    Using the information in your e-mails it is now clear that a book
chapter to be "included"  in a" root.tex" file has to be written in a
separate LaTeX file,  chap1.tex  for instance, just by itself and especially
WITHOUT a preamble.  As a matter of fact, I simply copied Chapter1
(\chapter Š)  I had already written in my existing root.tex into the new
chap1.tex file. 
    As for typesetting the chap1.tex file, which does not typeset directly,
I went to the root.tex file and typeset it to produce a pdf output. The back
and forth between source and pdf is actually very easy when both root.tex
and chap1.tex files are open simultaneously on the screen.  You first click
Typeset on chap1.tex , followed by clicking Typeset on root.tex .
    I have read large parts of Grätzer and much less of Mittelbach et.al.
(about 1600 pages) and they have been very helpful in learning LaTeX.
However nothing specific is said in those books about how to generate .tex
files that are different from the  root.tex  (or master) file which has a
preamble with documentclass on top. Grätzer devotes about  three pages
(477-479) to this subject, beginning with the statement that typically
LaTeX jobs consist of  a single TeX file (root.tex), but that for his book
he used hundreds of additional .tex files. Unfortunately I couldn't figure
out how those .tex files were generated.
Adolf J Giger

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