[texhax] "tex project file collector" or anything alike?

ralph buse ralph.buse at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 25 16:04:31 CEST 2011

Hi Uwe,

thank you for your quick response. But: I am not looking for a
'regular' cleanup, which is usually deleting temporary files of all
kinds which get produced during the tex / latex process, but, say,
something else.

I have of a folder structure with hundreds of files, tex or eps or
whatever, of which only a fraction is used anymore, and another
fraction of files got unlinked from the main tex file (unused in the
process / over the months / years). So I am looking for a tool which
figures out about and collects the used files in the sense that the
tex / eps files are actually required to assemble / produce the actual
/ current version of the document. and e.g. copies them into another
fresh folder tree keeping the structure.

sorry if you actually referred to something that does exactly that ...
then i will have a look at the make files you were pointing to ...



2011/10/25 Uwe Ziegenhagen <ziegenhagen at gmail.com>:
> 2011/10/25 ralph buse <ralph.buse at googlemail.com>
>> Hi folks,
>> is there something like a "clean up" function which a) either deletes
>> all unused files in the main tex document's folder structure or, less
>> dangerous / drastic, b) collects all used files and creates a
>> mirror-directory somewhere containing only these? searched google,
>> ctan, miktex forums, and tex used group for keywords "collect",
>> "project" (and some other potentially stupid phrases) but nothing
>> comes up (more precisely: I haven't found anything among the search
>> results) which addresses my "problem".
>> Greetings,
>> Ralph
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>> Ralph Buse
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> I guess I have seen editors which did the cleaning afterwards automatically
> unfortunately I can't remember which it was. For more complex documents I
> personally use make (resp. Powershell files for Windows) scripts that call
> the different binaries and delete the temp files as well.
> Uwe
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> Uwe Ziegenhagen
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Ralph Buse
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