[texhax] Question about LPPL version 1.3

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Oct 21 00:05:33 CEST 2011

    Is it true that with version 1.3, if you modify a package, you no
    longer need to change its name (it is not compulsory to change the
    name of the file or package)? 

That is correct, though it is strongly recommended to do so.  What you
have to do, technically, is ensure the modified version "unambiguously
identifies itself as a modified version" .  See Section 6 of the LPPL

As you may know, Frank M wrote an article for TUGboat on LPPL history
and decisions.  He just asked me about posting it, and I've made it
available from the TUGboat site:

    Also by this version of the license, if you change a package, but
    you only do it for your own personal usage, will you still need to
    change the name of the file?

1) It is not likely that any copyright-based license can legally restrict
what you name a file on your own computer.

2) In any case, since LPPL 1.3 does not require renaming files in the
case of distribution, it certainly does not require renaming in the case
of personal use.  There is a recommendation in the LPPL that such
renaming be done (and I agree with that recommendation), but it is not a
legal requirement.


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