[texhax] How to properly accumulate TeX input for later use?

Pablo Mayckon pmsf at alu.dc.ufc.br
Fri Oct 7 01:09:55 CEST 2011

Hello, folks! Thanks in advance for the patience with my questions in what

* My original intention, abstractly: I would like to accumulate TeX input in a
control sequence, and later to use this control sequence, so that it would
execute in a row everything that I had put inside it. I've tried the

\def\addtotexcode#1{\edef\texcode{\texcode #1}}

\addtotexcode{Hi!} \addtotexcode{ Hello!} \texcode
\def\acommand{\message{ *ACOMMAND is being executed!* }}
\addtotexcode{ \acommand} \texcode % Only writes one message, as I expected.

* My problem, concretely: what I actually needed to accumulate was TikZ
instructions for drawing pictures in LaTeX (I wanted to build a set of
high-level macros that would repeatedly receive some "conceptual information"
as input and would accumulate instructions for drawing a TikZ picture later),
but then the above solution didn't work anymore:

% \usepackage{tikz}
% \path[draw] (0,0) -- (1,1) ; % This works if uncommented.
\addtotexcode{\path[draw] (0,0) -- (1,1) ;} % Infinite loop, apparently.

The TeX execution doesn't finish anymore, and, if I interrupt it, it says

! Interruption.
\path ->\let \tikz at signal@path
                               =\tikz at signal@path \pgfutil at ifnextchar [{\tik...
l.28 ...addtotexcode{\path[draw] (0,0) -- (1,1) ;}

* My questions:

  1) I surmise that the \path macro does "complicated things" and that this
leads to a problem when it is expanded into the "\edef". This alone would be
a demonstration that my strategy for accumulating TeX input is not ideal. Am
I right here or is it possible, with due TeX expertise, to adapt this
strategy so that it will properly work (not only in practise but also

  2) Would it be a better idea to accumulate the input into a file, and then
read back from it when it's time to use what I've saved? (I've never used
TeX's in/output routines, but I know they exist and conceived the
possibility of using them for the purpose in question.)

  3) Any other good advice?

* My background: LaTeX user since 2005 and for the last three months I've been
studying "The TeXbook". (I've begun reading this book other times, but I would
soon quit it.) I've read chapters 1--13, 20, the "\count"-related part of 15
and the beginning of 14.

Sorry for the long message and thanks again! --Pablo, from Brazil.

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