[texhax] double column section headers?

Schwartz, Steven J s.schwartz at imperial.ac.uk
Wed Nov 30 11:21:05 CET 2011

Thanks all but muliticol will only handle double-width floats and so doesn't satisfy my needs.

I'll stick to my workaholic and see if it spawns problems elsewhere.

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On 30 Nov 2011, at 05:15, "Hubert Lam" <hubert at lamfamily.info<mailto:hubert at lamfamily.info>> wrote:

Sorry, needs package varioref as well – add \usepackage{varioref} to the preamble :p

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Hi again Steve

Do you absolutely need the figure/float "HERE" (\begin{figure}[H])?

If not, the starred version works, but places it outside of the multicols, most likely on the next page. It seems that this would be the solution I would use, though others may have another (more elegant) solution?

\usepackage{pstricks-add} % for \psLoop



\psLoop{100}{Testing }

Figure \vref{fig1}





\caption{Testing as well} \label{fig1}


\psLoop{100}{Lorem ipsum }




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> Hubert,


> On Tue, 2011-11-29 at 07:37 +0000, Hubert Lam wrote:

> > Hi Steve

> >

> > Have you tried the multicol package?


> Yes, your example works, but you can't put a figure (float) inside a multicol,

> so:


> \begin{multicols}{2}

>  Stuff in

>   \begin{figure}\fbox{figure here}\caption{fig cap}\end{figure}

> \columnbreak  Two columns \end{multicols}


> generates the warning:


> Package multicol Warning: Floats and marginpars not allowed inside

> `multicols' environment!.


> This is a documented "feature" of multicols.


> Best wishes

> Steve


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