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> You cannot include ps/eps graphics in pdf mode for pdflatex or xelatex.
> You will have to either generate dvi output and run dvips, or convert
> the graphic to pdf format.
As of TeXLive 2010[1] pdf(LA )TEX now automatically converts a requested
Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) file to PDF, via the epstopdf package, when
and if the LATEX graphics.cfg configuration file is loaded, and PDF is
being output. The default options are intended to eliminate any chance of
hand-created PDF files being overwritten, but you can also prevent
epstopdf from
being loaded at all by putting \newcommand{\DoNotLoadEpstopdf}{} (or \def...)
before the \documentclass declaration. It is also not loaded if the
pst-pdf package
is used. For more details, see the epstopdf package documentation (

XeLaTeX can also include ps/eps images,it converts ps/eps images to PDF on
the fly and uses PDF images.

[1] http://tug.org/texlive/doc/texlive-en/texlive-en.html#news
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