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Torsten Wagner torsten.wagner at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 02:42:08 CET 2011

sorry I do not have a direct answer to your question. However, whenever 
I am faced with  request like this I try both ways.

1. get a solution which seems logic and easy to implement.
2. if 1 tends to be complex difficult and honestly speaking silly, I try 
to ask people in charge "Why?".

There are ISO norms and DIN norms, as well as books about good 
typographic practices. Pretty sure you can find an advice or even norm 
which states that a page number belongs always at the same place. 
Because this is what sounds logical to me, giving the reader the chance 
to find a certain page without finding the page number in first place.
If there is no general rule take some of the most important books in 
your field and check how they did. Argue with the people in charge why 
the university style differs from good practices, demonstrated by well 
established print houses.
Normally universities are kind of sensitive if they notice they did not 
follow a ISO/DIN norm. Often people in charge have simply no idea why 
they ever came up with the request or there typographical knowledge is 
limited to what is offered by MS Word.

Using LaTeX now for almost 15 years I learned (by an often painful 
lesson) that LaTeX is most likely not able to do certain tasks, because 
they make no sens. Bending LaTeX and forcing it often means you are 
going to break with typographical practices. Sure there are always 
exceptions. My rule of thumb:

If it seems difficult to force LaTeX to perform a certain task, it 
becomes more likely that this task breaks typographical conventions.

Hope it helps a bit.


On 11/08/2011 04:59 AM, Clifford Weil wrote:
> Ph.D. students at Michigan State University wishing to have a page in
> their dissertations in landscape are required to put the page number on
> the long side of the page rather than at the bottom of the page. I've
> tried both the landscape environment from the lscape package and the
> command \sidewaystable but haven't yet found a satisfactory way to put
> the page number where its required to be. How can I put \the\value{page}
> in the right-hand margin?. I've tried \marginpar, but without complete
> success.
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