[texhax] pstoedit: Truetype and Line Width Problems

narke narkewoody at gmail.com
Mon May 9 01:07:23 CEST 2011


This a question about using pstoedit on a tikz picture.

I was trying to use pstoedit to convert my pdf picture (drawing in
tikz) to emf format.  But I met some problems.

At fist, I found the in character spaces is not correct for the text
labels I put on my picture.  Then I played with the fontmap file, this
helps in some cases.  I run pdffonts to find out what fonts used in my
pdf, then remap them to Times Roman in a fontmap file.  But, still, if
I use some math font (e.g., I use $^xxx$ to add an upper script), I
will get an error when running pstoedit, or some kind of missing

I was running pstoedit in cygwin, and the pstoedit actually comes from
my cygwin installation.

To overcome the font problem, I came up with an idea -- using truetype
font in my picture instead.  Then I use xelatex to re-produce a new
pdf, and run pstoedit again.  But, I just got an error report, it was
complaining some runtime error from ghostscript.  I then installed a
windows version of ghostscript and windows version of pstoedit, this
time, I did not get a error, but I got a emf with all the characters
as some kind of small black boxes.

Another problem is that, I found pstoedit can only produce a very thin
line/curve when in my original picture the line width is somehow
larger than standard value.

The attached files are my original PDF picture (Truetype version) and
the resulted emf file (from Windows version of pstoedit).

Hope someone can sort me out.  Thank in advance.

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