[texhax] Regarding {BEFORESKIP}{AFTERSKIP}{ parameters in \@startsection

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I could not able to understand the definition of the {BEFORESKIP}{AFTERSKIP}
parameters in


%            optional * [ALTHEADING]{HEADING}

\def\section{\@startsection {section}{1}{\z@}{-3.5ex plus -1ex minus

    -.2ex}{2.3ex plus .2ex}{\Large\bf\centering}}

Here what is {-3.5ex plus -1ex minus -.2ex}, as we use plus and minus what
could be the {BEFORESKIP} value.(Why we use plus and minus instead for
direct value)

Please help me in setting the {BEFORESKIP}{AFTERSKIP} values for my section

I have three levels - section/subsection/subsubsection with font size
12/10/9 pt. I need to set {AFTERSKIP} to zero for all the levels and
to 2 blank lines for level one and 1 blank line for level two and three. So
how I have to set the {BEFORESKIP}{AFTERSKIP} value.

(blank line have to be of respective levels font size. so have to use ex

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