[texhax] Natbib issues

Donald Arseneau asnd at triumf.ca
Sun Mar 20 17:35:32 CET 2011

Robert Eugene Deal <gene.deal at utah.edu> writes:

> I need some help.  I'm under a deadline at school and cannot get my
> bibliography working correctly.  When my references are printed there are no
> linefeeds between entries, so everything runs into on giant entry.  ...
> I am also not able to get a hanging indent, but I ahve found a work around
> for that as well ...

Take a deep breath and don't panic.  The work-arounds are taking
up time and perhaps causing you to sink further.

It looks like your bibliography items are occurring outside any
proper bibliography, which should cause error messages to be
emitted by latex.  Look in your documentname.log file.  Your
screen capture shows a lone "0" which I suppose may be from 
some mis-entry like


Did you accidentally edit your .bbl file?  Such an error will
cause an error message.

If there are no error messages produced, then the problem is more
obscure.  Both the {thebibliography} environment and \bibitem
commands are defined by document classes and packages, so you
should post at least a copy of your document preamble.  Better 
yet, make a minimal test document that has the same problem
and post that.

Donald Arseneau                          asnd at triumf.ca

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