[texhax] Natbib issues

Robert Eugene Deal gene.deal at utah.edu
Sun Mar 20 05:30:56 CET 2011


I need some help.  I'm under a deadline at school and cannot get my bibliography working correctly.  When my references are printed there are no linefeeds between entries, so everything runs into on giant entry.  I can work around this by adding a newline to each entry in the .bbl file as follows:

Unknown (1996).
\newblock {\em Phonetically Driven Phonology: The Role of Optimality Theory and
  Inductive Grounding}.

I am also not able to get a hanging indent, but I ahve found a work around for that as well by adding the following commands to the .bbl file.

\leftskip 0.1in
\parindent -0.1in

The bigger mystery is seen in the screen shot below.

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