[texhax] WinEdt 6 builds from 12/2010 locking up computer?

Hubert Lam hubert at hubertlam.info
Fri Mar 4 01:44:37 CET 2011

Just bought myself a new laptop in February and am using the latest builds of WinEdt 6.

Has anyone experienced lock ups with their computer w.r.t. these new builds? IT locks up so badly that only the power button (hard reset) of the PC is possible. It could be WinEdt or something else, but every time I use WinEdt for prolonged periods of time it will lock up whilst I type.

I use a Lenovo T410
Core i7 620M (dual core, hyperthreaded)
320GB 7.2k HDD
nVidia Optimus 3100M graphics



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