[texhax] Q: bold variables in math mode

D. R. Evans doc.evans at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 22:42:41 CEST 2011

Donald Arseneau said the following at 06/01/2011 12:07 PM :

> You do not use a \font\bf command!  Instead do \show\bf to see how
> the \bf font selection is already defined, then, assuming "\tenbf", do 
> \font\tenbf=ec-lmbx12 at 10.5pt
> But this doesn't affect the math font assignment that has already been 
> done (\textfont\bffam=\tenbf) so you have to repeat that assignment:
> \textfont\bffam=\tenbf
> to apply the new tenbf.

I think that's the same as Uwe's suggestion, which worked. Thank you very much.

> This setting up fonts is all very fussy work in plain TeX and one of 
> the main reasons not to use plain TeX.  Why are you uding it?

A library of 25 years of macros. This is a the first time I've written a
complete non-fiction text with TeX, though, so I'm confronted with some
things I've never had to wrestle with before.


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