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Tue Jul 26 12:23:02 CEST 2011

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> I've figured out the natbib issue. The problems seems to be
> arise only when there multiple references in the same cite
> command. Specifically:

> \citet{Smith:2000:a} ... \citet{Smith:2000:b} will
> correctly produce two different references, for example
> Smith (2000a) and Smith (2000b).

> \citet{Smith:2000:a, Jones:2010} ... \citet{Smith:2000:b}
> also works as above.

> However, \citet{Jones:2010,Smith:2000:a} ...
> \citet{Smith:2000:b} erroneously produces two identical
> references, namely, Smith (2000), for both Smith:2000:a and
> Smith:2000:b.

Page 9 of the natbib manual
says `Multiple citations in \citet are also not recommended (nor are
they in my opinion meaningful)'.  I'm not sure if that helps or not...


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