[texhax] Franklin Mark Liang's thesis _Word Hy-phen-a-tion by Com-pu-ter_ available on-line

Barbara Beeton bnb at ams.org
Fri Jul 15 18:00:15 CEST 2011

william adams wrote,



    I hadn't known it was available as a freely-downloadable .pdf.

it's also available from tug, at
along with the patgen program and tutorial.

    Found it 'cause I was searching for this gem of old lore:

    If all problems of hyphenation have not been solved,
    at least some progress has been made since that night,
    when according to legend, an RCA Marketing Manager
    received a phone call from a disturbed customer.
    His 301 had just hyphenated "God".
    ? Paul E. Justus (1972)

that's just so delightful!  brings back
memories of rca's early typesetting programs,
page-1 and page-2.  we've come a long way ...
						-- bb

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